We are a multidisciplinary society of individuals and organizations with professional, utilitarian and environmental interests in Trenchless Technology.


Our Mission...

Is to advance the science and practice of Trenchless Technology for the public benefit; to develop standards, promote education, training, research and development, and to advocate through public forums the ongoing advancements and status of Trenchless Technology.

Membership is open to individuals and organizations with an interest in or concern for the science and practice of Trenchless Technology and its use, to enhance the full value of underground infrastructure.  Our members come from a broad spectrum of individuals, agencies and companies involved with providing gas, water, sewerage, communication and electrical services that includes contractors, researchers, engineers, manufacturers, consultants and developers interested in the application of Trenchless Technology to underground infrastructure.

The calculator makes planning - and saving - easier.

NASTT BC has developed an online Carbon Calculator to identify the reduction in greenhouse gases that can be realized using trenchless technology.  The Carbon Calculator developed by the BC Chapter is the basis for a more sophisticated calculator being developed in conjunction with NYSEARCH, the R&D arm of several dozen gas companies across North America.  Broad estimates of emission reductions by using trenchless technologies are provided based on industry averages.  Upgrades included increasing the number of project activities to 11 trenchless methods, allowing registered users to store scenarios enabling them to rework and share their calculations, and preparing summary reports that can be shared with colleagues and funders.


We invite you to attend open-topic meetings, conferences, exhibits, seminars and demonstrations for technology transfer.