The improved calculator makes planning - and saving - easier.

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In 2007 PW Trenchless in conjunction with NASTT-BC established an objective method of evaluating how the use of trenchless technologies can decrease the carbon footprint for a given project.  To quantify this assumption a carbon calculator was developed that allows designers to compare the resulting carbon footprint of different methods of trenchless verses conventional open cut construction.

In 2009 NASTT received funding from the Government of Canada to develop a more detailed calculator which allows designers to compare different methods of construction and to estimate the carbon emissions resulting from each method.

The NASTT recognized the value of this and have since teamed up with 20 gas companies of the eastern US and Canada through NYSEARCH to further develop this calculator.  It is anticipated that further spending in the order of hundreds of of thousands of dollars on this calculator will take it to an even higher level of detail and efficiency.